General Information Regarding Fees/Costs

The following information is meant to provide general fee information in order to assist you in decision-making. On a limited basis, Susan does offer some pro bono services and will consider taking special education due process, complaints filed with the Office for Civil Rights, and ADA discrimination lawsuits on a contingency basis.

Please contact Susan Marks to discuss your specific issue in order to determine specific fees. Until a fee/representation agreement has been offered and signed, the information below regarding fee agreements is not binding and is offered a informational only.

  • General IDEA-related, 504, and ADA issues are billed at $170/hour. Typical matters involve reviewing 504 and IEP Plans, attending school meetings, drafting demand letters. It does not include fees involving filing a formal OCR complaint, special education due process, or filing a federal lawsuit.
  • Susan Marks also offers file review and consultation at a flat rate of $300 to professional advocates and parents seeking recommendations. This service involves reviewing documents and providing specific recommendations via a consultation session. The recommendations will cover intervention/program recommendations and IEP/504 issues that should be addressed. Susan will also provide ideas on specific strategies that could be helpful.
  • For special education due process complaints or discrimination matters, please call Susan Marks. Susan typically takes due process and discrimination complaints on a contingency basis, depending on the specific issue and the needs of the client.
  • For DDD or ALTCS matters, Susan Marks charges a flat rate of $500 for work up to the beginning of preparation for a hearing. Susan will provide guidance and recommendations in order to avoid the need to proceed to hearing. This may involve seeking additional records, appearing at a prehearing conference, preparing a prehearing statement, or communicating with DDD or ALTCS. If the matter proceeds to a fair hearing, Susan Marks charges $170/hour for work related to preparation for hearing to appeal a DDD/ALTCS decision. This will involve preparing all exhibits, witness preparation, and appearing at the hearing.