Representation for Special Education/504/ADA Issue

Representation for Special Education/504/ADA Assistance

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Susan Marks provides assistance with the following types of issues/needs related to Special Education (IDEA), Section 504, and the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act):

  • Concerns with the Individualized Education Program. The IEP development process can be complex and there are many tips that can help the process proceed more smoothly. Sometimes this involves asking for the right services in the right way; sometimes this involves knowing what is available as well as what the law provides for. Susan can either provide consultation or be retained to attend your IEP meeting.
  • Concerns with frequent removals from class (in-school or out-of-school suspensions, or expulsion). When a student is frequently removed from class, it is possible that the student’s needs are not being adequately addressed. Susan can review what the school has provided and what it is proposing to provide and provide ideas on how to access appropriate behavior supports. Susan is a former BCBA-D and is able to provide recommendations from her many years of reviewing Functional Behavior Assessments and Behavior Intervention Plans.
  • Concerns with being denied a least restrictive environment. Many parents seek an educational program that is based on inclusive practices, especially since the research has consistently shown that placement in inclusive settings result in better post-school outcomes. Susan can provide recommendations on how to support your request for an inclusive program through the IEP process.
  • Concerns with “premature” or “forced” graduation. Under the IDEA, students are entitled to a free and appropriate public education up through the age of 22 years old. Sometimes, school teams tell parents that a student must graduate once he/she turns 18 years old or receives the required number of credits. However, some students may not be ready to graduate with a regular diploma, which is required in Arizona. Susan can review the transition plan and documents to help determine if the school’s decision to graduate a student was appropriate.
  • Child/Individual was denied access to an afterschool or community daycare program. Sometimes the basis for the denied enrollment is because the child did not meet certain “prerequisites” (such as being able to use the bathroom independently). Sometimes a child is kicked out of a program due to behavior concerns. Susan can review your case to determine if the program has violated the ADA or Section 504. If it is clear a violation has occurred, Susan can be retained to intervene by either notifying the business, filing an OCR complaint, or filing an ADA lawsuit.

If you would like to retain Susan Marks for legal issues regarding special education, Section 504, or the Americans with Disabilities Act, complete the request form below. If you need representation on a DDD/ALTCS issue, click on the following link: Representation for DDD or ALTCS Issue

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